Thursday, August 11, 2011

Underdogs Seeing The Postseason Light?

With under 50 games left in the MLB season, the Cleveland Indians (58-56) are two games behind the Detroit Tigers (61-55) for first place in the AL Central.

The wild card spot for the playoffs looks to be locked up and will go to either the Boston Red Sox (72-44) or the  New York Yankees (70-45), so the Indians only hope of temporarily breaking the "Cleveland curse," making it into the postseason and having a legitimate chance at becoming Major League champions is by winnig the AL Central.

The Indians are on a little win streak (two games), while the Tigers are on the losing side of the hill (three game losing streak). Cleveland needs to take advantage of the turn of events, win 10, maybe 11 games in a row and hope the division leading Tigers continue to skid and accumulate losses.

It's late in the year, and if a team is hot during this part of the season they usually are the team who breaks through and becomes the winner of their division.

The Indians are playing some good baseball, but they need to continue to play competitively and win well over majority of the games they have left, so they can bring some joy to the faithful fans and city of Cleveland.

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