Sunday, May 1, 2011

Memphis Over OKC, You Better Believe It!

Memphis will beat Oklahoma City in six games because of three simple, plain and effective reasons.

Those reasons are  Zach "ZBO" Randolph, Marc Gasol and Tony Allen. ZBO averages 21.5 points and 9.2 rebounds per game so far in these playoffs, while his front court mate Gasol, provides a double-double (14.2 points and 12.3 rebounds) every night. The Grizzlies have too much size for the Thunder big men, and it will be extremely noticeable during this series.

The x-factor will be Allen because he has the tough task of guarding the league's leading scorer in Kevin Durant (32.4 points in the playoffs so far). Despite the degree of difficulty of guarding Durant's 6-foot-9 frame and ridiculously long arms, Allen (along with Shane Battier) will make the Thunder's star player's life on the court very unpleasant.

Allen has playoff and championship basketball experience due to his association with the Boston Celtics during their 2008 NBA championship run. That experience and his toughness will help him stay discipline in guarding Durant.

In the first-round, Memphis out hustled and outplayed the West's best team (record wise) in the San Antonio Spurs in each of their six games during the series. Even though the Grizzlies lost two games, it was evident that they were the better team.  

Do not sleep on these Grizzlies because it will only anger the talented bear even more than it already is. The underdog is very dangerous this year and they are a legitimate team with a lot of promise.


  1. When is the first game I want to see these games?

  2. It was last night. Mem won 114-101. Game 2 is tomorrow.