Friday, June 10, 2011

NBA Comeback For "The Answer"?

The former 14-year NBA superstar, Allen "The Answer" Iverson is in high spirits about making a comeback to the NBA in the very near future.

His ability to perform at the high level he once played with in the NBA will be in question when and if the 36-year-old gets another shot at putting on an NBA jersey.

"It's me," he responded, while laughing when asked if he could still perform at a high level. "That's what gives me confidence. I know what I can do. Everybody in the world knows what I can do. Everybody knows what I can do on the basketball court."

Iverson believes he can still hoop with the best of them, so why should his and NBA fans think otherwise? It would be hard to disagree with a guy who is that confident in himself. He's a player who uses his quickness, and leg-kick jump shot to produce points. Also, Iverson seems to have found that maturity that a veteran, who used to be "The Man", needs to succeed in the latter years of his career.

"Just give me a training camp," he said. "Maybe I've rubbed people the wrong way as far as saying the things I've said in my life and in my career. But if any team needs me to help try and win a championship in any capacity, I'm waiting."

If an owner and general manager gives the "waiting" Iverson a chance, and if he can prove to live up to the mature words he is using now, then he could definitely help a team compete for a championship.

He would provide a team with pure scoring ability off the bench and can spark a team and home crowd, and also silence a deafening fan base when his team visits another team's home court.

With that being said, Iverson's longing to return to the NBA courts may be postponed, not just by possible unwilling teams to use his services, but a potential NBA lockout. The current collective bargaining agreement (CBA) will expire June 30th.

Commissioner, David Stern and the NBA Players Association have been meeting to try and agree on a new CBA, but no agreement has been made yet.

All in all, Iverson is knocking at the NBA door, and awaits an answer from a willing team to take a chance on him, so he can answer those calls for an energy boost, a big shot and/or a big defensive play that many teams need in today's NBA.

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