Monday, May 9, 2011

Cleveland Curse Broken?

After the Cleveland Brown's running back Peyton Hillis won the rights to the Madden 12 cover, the team's inner-city mate in the Cleveland Indians also earned the best record in baseball so far through 33 games (22-11).

If you are a die hard Cleveland fan (or even a sports fan) you know that this city has experienced a tumultuous amount of anguish over many decades after 1964. That's when the Browns won the NFL Championship (Pre-Superbowl Era) in the 1964 NFL season, and were the last Cleveland professional sports team to win a championship.

This 47-year drought, also thought of as a curse was compounded by the home-state kid, LeBron James' "Decision" last summer when he decided to leave Cleveland and "take his talents to South Beach" for this current NBA season.

Despite the debacle of a season (19-63) the Cavaliers had after James' departure, things may be looking up for the sorrowful city. Many believe that getting on the Madden cover is a curse in its own right, so one curse cancels out another and results in a breaking of the long endured curse because two negatives equals a positive right?

Well it sure seems that way right now. The Indians are playing great baseball, they have swept at least five of their series so far this season, the Browns have a popular and productive running back, the Cavaliers still are horrific, but if they get the No.1 pick in the NBA draft in June and select former Duke guard Kyrie Irving, who knows what may happen the following season.

So Cleveland fans do not hold your heads down too much longer because justice in the sports world may be coming sooner than anyone may have thought.

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