Wednesday, April 13, 2011

There's No Place Like Home

New Orleans Hornets superstar, Chris "CP3" Paul will be a free agent in 2012, and what better place to play than home, right?

Paul is from Lewisville, N.C., and played college for Wake Forest University, which is located in Wake-Salem, N.C., so why not represent his home-state in the NBA with a Charlotte Bobcats jersey on?

"It would definitely be something to think about," the 6-foot guard said Tuesday when asked about potentially signing with the Bobcats (who's owned by Michael Jordan) when his contract with the Hornets is up.

Despite focusing on bringing a championship to the city of New Orleans and being a guy that's living in the moment, Paul still remembers the first time he met Jordan.

They met at the 2003 Jordan Brand Classic (which Paul played in) during a team picture, according to the Associate Press.

"We obviously knew MJ was going to walk in and sit there," Paul said in a phone interview with the Associate Press. "When he walked in, man, he just took over the room. And he actually walked up and knew my name. So that's something I'll never forget."

Eight years later, Paul considers Jordan a mentor, and who wouldn't want to be an understudy of arguably the greatest player to play in the NBA?

"To have a personal relationship with him now and for him to be a mentor of mine, it's something when you're growing up as a kid in North Carolina you would never expect."

Being Paul's mentor, it is only right to think that Jordan has a little influence on him and undoubtedly would love to have CP3 as his point guard and vice-versa.

"I think guys do and will want to play for MJ," Paul said. "Who better to learn from?"

With nothing set in stone between Paul and the Hornets organization after next season, Paul could sign with any team he wants. 

Teams like, New York, Miami, Los Angeles and his home-state team Charlotte will surely be in pursuit of the superstar point guard come 2012.


  1. Michael Jordan was such an awesome player I agree with you that player could learn from him. Keep those articles coming, I am learning alot about sports.

  2. CP3 will be a great assest to any team and any franchise will pay big bucks for him also.....having MJ has a mentor is an opportunity of a life time.