Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Coming Out Swinging

The 2011 MLB season is underway and many teams are relying on their hitting more than their pitching.

During the opening weekend, 11 teams scored 10 runs or more. The Chicago White Sox tallied the most with 15 runs on 18 hits in a five run win over the Cleveland Indians on Apr. 1. Surprisingly, in this 25 runs game both teams only combined for four home runs.

There were some good pitching also as the right-hander pitcher, Matt Cain for the defending champion San Francisco Giants allowed no runs in a 10-nil rout of the Los Angeles Dodgers on Apr. 2.

Nonetheless, the impressive hitting took the spotlight during the opening weekend. It is good to see the bats put to work in the early parts of the season because it shows a good sign that many records will be threatened and maybe even broken during this season.

Other outstanding team hitting performances included the New York Yankees and Texas Rangers.

On Apr. 2, the Yankees produced multiple three-run innings with three total home runs in a 10-6 win against the Detroit Tigers while their conference foe in the Rangers ripped off 12 runs against the Boston Red Sox (who many believe will be in the World Series).

The Rangers had a six-run fourth inning, which helped them break the game open and gain a 9-3 lead that ended in a 12-5 victory.

Each team has a long 162-games ahead of them, and both the hitting can cool down or the pitching can heat up at anytime, but it is good to see that the players are in good-season form at the beginning of the season.

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