Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Philadelphia Playoff Beards are a Go

The Philadelphia Flyers are one-of-the-first-three teams to clinch a playoff spot in this year's NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Their record is 44-19-10 and also tallying 98 points, which is good enough for first in the eastern conference so far. They are currently two points ahead of the second-place Washington Capitals for the conference lead with under 10 games left in both teams' respective schedules.

The Flyers have vastly improved upon their Stanley Cup Final's runner-up season from last year. They ended that season as the seventh-seed, only winning 41 games. This year they have increased their wins by three, so far and will finish at least five seeds better than they did last year.

The Flyers will be tested in their final nine games of the regular season. They play five-of-their-nine games against .500 or better teams; the most notable opponents are the Boston Bruins on Mar. 27 and the Pittsburgh Penguins on Mar. 29.

Philadelphia will try to avenge last season finals' loss to the eventual champion Chicago Blackhawks by winning this year's finals as the potential No. 1 seed in the East.

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  1. gooo flyers! They will be champions this year...they seem determined! especially from the stats you provided in your post