Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The League's MVP

The NBA's regular season is nearing the end, which means it's almost time to cast your votes for the league's Most Valuable Player.

My vote would undoubtedly go to the third-year player and Chicago Bulls star point guard, Derrick Rose. He has done more than elevate his game from the previous year. He came into the league with little ability to shoot from the perimeter, but now he his shooting tremendously.

He is hitting 33 percent of his three-point shots, which is five percent better than his sophomore year in the NBA. Rose is also scoring four more points than last year with 24.6 points a game.

Aside from his individual accolades, Rose's proven leadership and humbleness as a star player is more than enough to be named the MVP of the NBA. Despite not having newly acquired free agent Carlos Boozer for 18 games, and emotional and defensive leader Joakim Noah for 30 games this year, Rose still has led his team to the second-best record in the Eastern Conference with a 44-18 record so far this season.

Rose is not in the prime of his career yet, and he is evolving into one of the best point guards to play the game. It is scary to see what he will be like when he is in the fifth, sixth and seventh year of his NBA career.

Rose is and will be the MVP this season, edging out LeBron James in a closely knit MVP race.  

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