Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Stars Wanting to Win Together, Not Against Each Other

We have entered a new era in professional basketball that is the complete opposite of the era involving Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird.

Jordan, Johnson and Bird were more about competition than cohesion when playing in the NBA. They wanted to beat the other stars, rather than play on the same team with them.

In contrast, NBA stars like LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Amare' Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony would rather win championships together than against each other. Some NBA analyst, owners and star-losing fans are not in agreement with the decisions by the current NBA stars.

"There should be an earlier trade deadline or no trading [among teams] during the season", NBA broadcaster and former coach, Jeff Van Gundy said.

Also, small market NBA owners will try to make changes in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement to put restrictions on player movement in efforts to try and keep future superstars like James and Anthony on the teams that drafted them, according to multiple sources.

Talent and competition is at a higher level in today's NBA, and having one superstar just does not cut it anymore. This trend of stars teaming up together is taking over the league with James, Wade and Chris Bosh teaming up in Miami and now Stoudemire and Anthony teaming up in New York.

This country may be opposed to change, but change will happen regardless. It is up to every one else to adjust to the new changes, starting with the NBA.



  1. I agree with change...but sometimes I dont think its fair, its like the players are just pawns and have no say sometimes. But i certainly agree with change =)

  2. This may be true, but super stars playing together usually is their choice. They are the ones asking to get out of their former teams to play on another.

  3. buttt alot of players get moved around without even wanting to go! Like Mr. Big Shot aka

  4. This is true, it's a business and at the end of the day, most players are under the control of the owners. If it means anything, the Nuggets did apologize for trading Billups.