Monday, February 28, 2011

Big East is the Big Beast in the NCAA

The Big East is arguably the best conference in the NCAA.

With a couple weeks left until "Selection Sunday" (Mar. 13), the Big East is projected to get 11 teams in the NCAA tournament, according to multiple sources.

Getting 11 teams into the tournament would set a NCAA record for most teams from one conference to play during March Madness.

The Big East currently holds eight ranked spots in the Top 25 Coaches' poll, with two in the top 10.

Pitt (25-4) is ranked No. 5, Notre Dame (23-5) ranked No. 7, Louisville (22-7) ranked No. 11, Syracuse (24-6) ranked No. 12, St. John's (19-9) ranked No. 15, UConn (21-7) ranked No. 16, Georgetown (21-8) ranked No. 17 and Villanova (21-8) ranked No. 19.

Besides the ranked teams who are automatically in the tournament, the Big East also has a few teams who are "on the bubble". Teams like, Marquette (18-11), Cincinnati (22-7) and West Virginia (18-10) all are knocking on the NCAA tournament door, and have a legitimate chance of getting in.

The Big East has a number of prolific scorers also, most notable scorer of today's Big East conference is senior forward,  Marshon Brooks of Providence, who averages 25.1ppg (second in the nation)

Brooks has broken the Big East regular season record for most points scored in a game twice this year; 43 points against Georgetown on Feb. 5 and 52 points against Notre Dame on Feb. 23 (both losing efforts).

He was also recently named to the Big East player of the week honors, according to the official Big East conference website.

It is hard to argue with the statistics and results of the Big East Conference that support them as arguably the best conference in the nation, and the verdict of who's in and who's out will be announced soon enough.


  1. Thank you for the interesting post on the NCAA, it is well written and informative. But are you saying that the NCAA is better to watch then the NBA playoffs?

  2. I'm saying that the Big East conference in the NCAA is arguably the best NCAA conference of all of them. the NBA vs the NCAA is a different topic.

  3. Oh, okay, thanks I was confused.