Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Year of the Upsets

The final four of the NFL playoffs are set, and will be underway Jan. 23.

Both the Green Bay Packers and New York Jets went on the road and beat the fourth and first seeded teams in their respective conferences during the first two weeks of the NFL playoffs. The underdogs will be looking for another upset victory on the road yet again.

The sixth-seeded Packers will visit Soldier Field to take on the second seed and Division rival Chicago Bears in this year's NFC championship game.The AFC championship match up will be between the sixth-seeded, trash-talking Jets and the second-seeded defensive minded Pittsburgh Steelers.

The NFC championship game will take place approximately at 3 p.m., and the AFC championship game will kickoff shortly after the conclusion of the Packers-Bears game. 


  1. I totally agree and look forward to the games tomorrow! They should really be nerve wrecking close will really be interesting to see what the outcomes will be! looking forward to the next post dude =)

  2. I enjoyed the game last Sunday, I am glad the game with the pretty uniforms won LOL.

    So you do you like for the Super Bowl do you think Green Bay can pull it out?

  3. Yeah I believe Aaron Rodgers can propel his team to a championship. It's all in the arm. lol.

  4. Eventhough Aaron Rodgers have a good arm, I think Pittsburgh defense will not allow him time to use his arm.

  5. Well they do have a nice upcoming RB that will keep the Pittsburgh defense honest and respect the run. So he will have plenty of opportunities to throw the ball.